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Forged Steel Shafts

Forged Shafts at Great Lakes Forge, Traverse City, Michigan
Custom Forgings at Great Lakes Forge in Traverse City, Michigan

Great Lakes Forge can produce forged steel shafts weighing up to 6,000 lbs. Our steel forging lead times are the best in the industry, often 2-3 times faster than our larger competitors. As a smaller forging facility, we have greater flexibility in our production, which helps make our fast turnarounds possible. In addition, due to forged steel's superior characteristics, the forged steel shafts we create are of far higher quality than shafts machined from bar stock.

Our forged steel shafts are created from sound-center billet which is superior to bar stock in numerous ways including:

  • Increased Strength
  • Greater Ductility
  • Better Resistance to Fatigue

Since our base material is better quality than that of stock, our customers receive better quality forged steel shafts. At Great Lakes Forge we have the inventory and the capabilities to create forged steel shafts with carbon & alloy steels at maximum size capacities including:

  • 1045
  • 4140
  • 4150
  • 4340

We can also create forge steel shafts in smaller sizes in any of the over 200 materials we work with, including multiple grades of stainless steel.

Additional Steel Forging Services

Great Lakes Forge also offers several additional services to improve the quality and value of our forged steel shafts including:

  • Quench-and-Temper Heat Treating
  • Rough Turning
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Mechanical Testing
  • And More

We have also produced forged steel shafts for several industries including:

  • Electric Motor Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Chemical
  • Special Machine Building
  • Pelletizing & Compacting Equipment
  • Steel Mill
  • And More

If minimizing downtime is critical, and premature failure is not an option, call Great Lakes Forge for your company’s forged steel shaft project's needs. The benefits of using forged steel shafts compared to standard bar stock will become immediately apparent. The superior strength of our forged steel shafts makes them ideal for machines and parts that are under high loads or pressures.

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