Open-Die Forgings Manufacturer

Great Lakes Forge is a custom open die forging manufacturer that specializes in quick on-time deliveries. As a premier forging manufacturer, we have the resources and professional experience to meet your custom open-die forging requirements. Great Lakes Forge has the expertise to meet your strictest requirements with the quickest lead times in the custom forging industry. As a custom open die forging manufacturer, we can produce numerous types of custom open die forgings, including:

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Custom Open Die Forging Capabilities

Custom Open Die Forging Capabilities

The open die forging process consists of contorting a piece of metal between 2 separate dies. The metal is then manipulated through die pressing the material through a series of movements until the desired shape is achieved.

The products created through the custom open die forging process usually need secondary machining and refining to achieve the tolerances required for the finished specifications. Open die forgings are often used for the short run forging of parts that are basic, rather than advanced, in design, such as discs, rounds, sleeves, cylinders and shafts.

Custom shapes can also be produced through the open die forging process. The deformation process increases the strength of the grain structure, which creates a more stabilized custom open die forging. Some additional benefits of open die forging include improved fatigue resistance and strength. Open die forging also reduces voids.

Open Die Forging Advantages

We stock materials in stainless steel, carbon, and alloys. As a highly competent forging manufacturer, Great Lakes Forge sustains a continual flow of inventory from a proven stream of sources. Our fully equipped machine shop and in-house heat treatment facility provide assurance that we will get your product to you in the quickest possible time. From stainless steel forgings to carbon and alloy steels, our in-house inventory coupled with our relationships with our suppliers ensures that we always make our promised delivery times.

Some of the advantages of custom open-die-forgings from Great Lakes Forge include:

  • Quickest lead times for custom forgings in the industry.
  • Wide range of stainless, carbon, and alloy steels.
  • Milling capabilities that bring your custom forged product closer to size at reasonable costs.
  • Quality controlled heat treating that produces consistent steel product.
  • Testing capabilities to ensure quality and adhere to your requirements.
  • Custom forging is ideal for prototypes and short run situations.
  • Produce sizes that aren't available in plate or bar stock.
Open Die Forging Advantages