Custom Forged Hubs, Spindles & Step Shafts

Steel spindles in a forging machine at Great Lakes Forge Traverse City, Michigan

Stepshafts preparing for custom forging at Great Lakes Forge in Michigan

As a leading manufacturer of custom-forged resources, Great Lakes Forge supplies customers with high-quality hubs, spindles, and step shafts. Using our state-of-the-art forging equipment, we manufacture our hubs, spindles, and shafts from stainless steel, carbon steel, and various alloys, ensuring high strength and durability.

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Benefits of Forging Vs. Other Methods of Metal Forming Production

Custom forging offers several advantages compared to other methods of machining for hub, spindle, and step shaft production. Our processes provide higher quality parts compared to pieces machined from bar stock. Machined castings from bar stock tend to have lower structural integrity, leading to cracking and part failure. In contrast, our custom-forged hubs, spindles, and step shafts are strong, durable, and have a much longer life span.

At Great Lakes Forge, our in-house machine shop and heat treatment facility save on secondary operations, increasing production quality and efficiency. When viewed side by side, it is difficult to visually distinguish between a forging piece and a piece machined from bar stock, but the intrinsic advantages of forging are evident.

Advantages of Our Forged Hubs, Spindles, & Step Shafts

  • Improved microstructure
  • Reduced downtime because of premature failures
  • Less chance of voids with a 3 to 1 minimum reduction
  • Continuous grain flow
  • Longer life
  • Able to run higher pressures and loads
  • Reduced weight, thus saving on shipping costs

Premium Stainless Steel Forgings & More from Great Lakes Forge

Looking for a metal-forming supplier? Look no further than Great Lakes Forge for all your metal-forming needs. Our custom-forged hubs, spindles, and step shafts are made to our customers’ specifications. Our team of engineers works with precision, reducing the use of unnecessary materials and helping you save time and money. At Great Lakes Forge, our custom-forged parts are manufactured from a wide range of metal types, including various stainless steel alloys, carbon steel, and more.

Additional Metalwork Services from Great Lakes Forge

In addition to our custom forging services, Great Lakes Forge also offers several additional services to improve the quality and value of our steel shafts, including:

  • Quench-and-Temper Heat Treating
  • Rough Turning
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Mechanical Testing

Industries Great Lakes Forge Serves

Great Lakes Forge works with customers in nearly every industrial sector. We provide our customers with the metal resources and custom-forged products required for various industrial applications. Industries we serve include:

  • Electric Motor Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverage Equipment Processing
  • Chemical Processing
  • Special Machine Building
  • Pelletizing & Compacting Equipment
  • Steel Mill

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