Forged Parts and Components for Press Repair Industry

Great Lakes Forge makes components for press repairs
Custom forgings for repairing presses

Stamping presses, forging presses, upsetters, cold heading presses, and other industrial mechanical press machines rely on heavy-duty forged metal components for operation. When a press breaks down due to a faulty component, it can spell disaster. At Great Lakes Forge, we specialize in forging crankshafts, gear blanks, and other custom components for presses, helping you keep your industrial press machines running with minimal downtime.

If you need custom components for your industrial presses, we've got you covered. Contact us to learn how Great Lakes Forge can provide you with industrial press repairs and custom forged parts, or request a quote for pricing estimates.

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Crankshafts, Gear Blanks, & More Forged Components for Presses at GL Forge

At Great Lakes Forge, we produce forged crankshafts, gear blanks, shafts, and more industrial press components. Our extensive experience, knowledge, and industry-leading forging equipment allow us to manufacture the exact components needed for your specific press repairs. With the fastest turnaround times available, you don't have to worry about your press being down for long; Great Lakes Forge can get you the components you need to get back on track.

Benefits of Custom-Forged Components for Presses

Our open-die forged metal parts and components offer several advantages over other manufacturing methods. Open-forging offers superior part integrity when compared to cast products and products forged from bar stock. Additional benefits of open-die forging for press components include:

  • Greater strength
  • Finer grain size and continuous grain flow
  • Better fatigue resistance
  • Superior microstructure
  • Reduced chance of voids

A Wide Range of Steel & Stainless Steel Grade Options

Need a unique or hard-to-find material for your industrial press repair work? Our wide selection of steel grades ensures your components are forged from the best materials for your application's requirements. From high-strength carbon steel grades to exceptionally corrosion-resistant grades of stainless steel, we have the materials for you.

Heat Treating, Rough Turning, & Additional Services for Custom Press Repairs

We also offer heat treating, rough turning, testing, and other additional services to ensure the highest quality and finest precision of our custom open-die forged parts. Great Lakes Forge is your one-stop solution for custom-forged parts and components for industrial equipment.

Contact Us to Learn How We Can Supply Your Custom Components for Presses

Great Lakes Forge has the experience, the inventory, and the services to create the press repair parts and components you need to get your operation back on track. Contact us to learn more, or request a quote. With quick deliveries and fast turnaround on all our services, Great Lakes Forge is your source for custom components for presses.