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Stainless steel blocks ready for forging at Great Lakes Forge
Stainless steel blocks manipulated in our forgings in Traverse City, Michigan
Blocks of stainless steel ready for blanket orders

High-pressure stainless steel forging blocks are created through a manufacturing process that utilizes localized compressive forces. Stainless steel forged blocks are considered a raw supply product, even though they are extensively worked and refined to improve the properties of the metal. Stainless steel forging blocks are not finished products; instead, they are used by machine shops and product manufacturers to create a finished part.

Great Lakes Forge is your trusted premium manufacturer. We supply steel forging products based on your unique project specifications. Contact us for more information on the benefits and practical uses of our stainless steel blocks, or call us at 800-748-0271, and one of our expert associates will be happy to assist you. 

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Stainless Steel Forged Block Manufacturing Capabilities

At Great Lakes Forge, we specialize in open-die forging, producing custom-manufactured pieces, including stainless steel blocks. Our inventory includes a wide range of sound center billet material grades from which we manufacture our forged stainless steel blocks. Our custom-forged stainless steel blocks can be tailored to your unique specifications, producing the parts you need with fast turnaround times.

Stainless Steel Grade Options for Open-Die Forging at Great Lakes Forge

Our inventory includes over 200 unique materials with a wide selection of stainless steel grades. We manufacture custom-forged blocks from the following stainless steel alloys:

  • 13-8 – Precipitation hardening martensitic stainless steel with 13% chromium & 8% nickel, featuring very high strength, high toughness, & excellent corrosion resistance
  • 15-5 – Precipitation hardening martensitic stainless steel with 15% chromium & 5% nickel, high strength, good toughness, & good corrosion resistance
  • 17-4 – Precipitation hardening martensitic stainless steel with 17% chromium & 4% nickel, featuring good strength & corrosion resistance
  • 316 & 316L – Austenitic stainless steel containing 16-18% chromium, 10-14% nickel, & 2-3% molybdenum, with excellent corrosion resistance, particularly in chloride environments
  • Nitronic 50 – Austenitic stainless steel that contains a high amount of nitrogen & features high strength, & good corrosion resistance, with excellent ductility & toughness even at low temperatures
  • 304 – Austenitic stainless steel with 18% chromium & 8% nickel, featuring excellent formability and good corrosion resistance
  • F51 – Duplex stainless steel with 21-23% chromium, 5% molybdenum, & 0.20% nitrogen, featuring excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, & good weldability

Our in-stock selection of stainless steel forging block makes finding the ideal material to match your project's specifications easy. We can manufacture high-pressure forged stainless steel blocks that provide excellent corrosion resistance and a perfect finish for many unique applications.

Open Die Forging

Custom Forged Stainless Steel Blocks for High-Pressure Applications

Great Lakes Forge's stainless steel forged blocks are ideal for high-pressure applications, highly corrosive environments, and other specialized uses. Our forged stainless steel blocks are commonly used in a broad range of industries, including: 

Forged Stainless Steel Block Advantages

Stainless steel forged blocks are valued for the enhancements they lend parts for performance in high-pressure environments, applications in which corrosion resistance is essential, and any application that generally requires greater strength or longer life out of the finished parts. They are also preferred over standard plate or bar steel stock delivered directly from the mill due to the inherent advantages of open forging, including greater impact strength. Additional benefits high-pressure forged stainless steel blocks provide include:

  • Quality-controlled heat treating that produces a consistent product
  • Testing capabilities to ensure quality and adhere to your requirements
  • Ideal for prototypes and short-run situations
  • Produce sizes that aren’t available in plate or bar stock
  • Quickest lead times in the industry
  • Wide range of stainless, carbon, and alloy steels
  • Milling capabilities that bring the product closer to size at reasonable costs

Stainless Steel Forging Blanket Orders Provide Cost Sustainability

Due to the constant fluctuation in stainless steel prices, Great Lakes Forge can work with you on blanket orders to help control your costs on repeated stainless steel forging orders. Blanket orders can be tailored to meet your needs for steel grade, quantity, delivery releases, and other controllable aspects of your product resource agenda.

Stainless Steel Block Forging Value Added Services 

Great Lakes Forge offers several additional services to supplement our forged stainless steel blocks. Some of the other services that we can provide to custom tailor your stainless steel forged blocks include:

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Why Choose Great Lakes Forge for Your Custom Forged Stainless Steel Blocks?

Located in Traverse City, Michigan, Great Lakes Forge serves customers nationwide, producing custom-manufactured stainless steel parts through our open-die forging capabilities. As a privately-owned metal open-die forging manufacturer, we provide customers with fast turnaround times on custom and specialized orders. We work closely with our customers to ensure high-quality stainless steel blocks and other open-forged pieces meet their application requirements. Additional advantages of choosing Great Lakes Forge for your custom-forging needs include:

  • Flexibility
  • Shorter Lead Times
  • Flatline management team
  • No parent company with mixed agendas
  • Belief that your business means a lot; you're not just another account
  • Greater attention to detail
  • Ability to manufacture forged stainless steel blocks with thicknesses as small as 1.5” and weights up to 4,000 lbs
  • The attitude that "bigger is not always better"
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Additional Manufacturing Capabilities at Great Lakes Forge

If you're looking for improved properties and quality over standard stainless steel plate or flat bar, rely on Great Lakes Forge’s forged stainless steel products. If the plate thickness your project requires is unavailable or your supplier is quoting long lead times for stainless steel, we can produce forged stainless steel parts in numerous size configurations with short lead times. Our forged part options include blocks, rectangles, flats, rounds, discs, hubs, stepshafts, and more. 

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Great Lakes Forge offers superior quality forged stainless steel blocks with some of the fastest lead times in the industry. Contact us today for more information, or request a quote for further pricing details. For all your custom-forged stainless steel needs, choose Great Lakes Forge.