Forged Flats

Forged Flats at Great Lakes Forge, Traverse City, Michigan
Custom Forged Flats at Great Lakes Forge, Michigan

Great Lakes Forge manufactures forged flats to meet the needs of many applications. When steel mills or other suppliers are quoting extended lead times on plate products and rolled flats, turn to Great Lakes Forge. Customers can count on us to produce the high quality forged flats they need in some of the industry's fastest turnaround times. If the specific grade of material your project requires is unavailable in plate or rolled bar products, Great Lakes Forge can create forged flats from any material we stock, including all available grades of stainless, carbon, and alloy steel.

At Great Lakes Forge, we can manufacture forged flats with a minimum thickness of 2.5” and in sizes up to 24” wide and 144” long. Our highly trained staff and years of experience enable us to create forged flats that will match your exact specifications. Great Lakes Forge can perform further forging work to bring your critical pieces to the precise thickness and width you need.

Some advantages of Great Lakes Forge's forged flats include:

  • Shortest lead times in the industry
  • Quick, on-time deliveries
  • Superior mechanical qualities over plate or rolled bar product
  • Wide range of available steel grades
  • In-house quality-controlled heat treating
  • Manufactured from materials that aren't available in plate or rolled bar
  • Forging, rough turning, heat treating, and testing services all under one roof reduce your overall costs and speed up production

Contact us today to find out what our customers already know: Great Lakes Forge is a fast, experienced, and reliable source for forged flats.