Alloy Stainless Steel Aerospace Forgings

Wired aerospace engine components

Parts and components manufactured for the aerospace and aircraft manufacturing industries require high-precision metals that can withstand intense environmental conditions. High-grade aluminum and steel alloys effectively withstand the rigors of extreme altitudes and temperature variations, providing outstanding strength and dependability for the aerospace and aviation industry.

With over 60 years of industry knowledge and experience, the metal experts at Great Lakes Forge provide direct product assistance for your aerospace forging metal needs. Great Lakes Forge is your trusted source for aircraft and aerospace forging metals with fast turnarounds, flexibility, attention to detail, and world-class customer service.

To learn more about our aerospace forging capabilities, get in touch with our sales team or give us a call at 800-748-0271. Great Lakes Forge provides premium quality alloy steel and aluminum alloy metal forgings for the aerospace industry.

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Aerospace Metal Forging Applications

Metals used within aerospace and flight applications must meet certain specifications. These metals must withstand the rigors of space, extreme environments, and climate variations. Aerospace forging metals are regularly used within the following applications:

  • Jet engines
  • Nuclear fuel parts
  • Rocket components
  • Closures
  • Chamber forgings

Aerospace Forging Metal Options

Whether you’re searching for high-quality 6061 aluminum alloy, 7050 aluminum alloy, 300M alloy steel, or another type of stainless steel or aluminum alloy for your aerospace application needs, Great Lakes Forge has you covered. We offer the following aerospace metal grades:

300M Alloy Steel

For aerospace applications that require high fracture toughness and impact strength, 300M alloy steel provides unsurpassed quality for aerospace and aircraft landing gear, airframe parts, missile components, and more.

Additional Aerospace Material Options

At Great Lakes Forge, we are capable of forging over 200 different materials. If you have a forging project that demands a specific type or grade of steel, please don't hesitate to contact us. We may have the material you need on hand, and if we don't, close relationships with our material providers allow us to bring in the steel you require quickly and cost-effectively.

Why Choose GLF for Your Aerospace Forging Needs?

As a smaller and privately-owned metal open die forging manufacturer, Great Lakes Forge provides the following advantages for your aerospace and aircraft forging needs:

  • Flexibility
  • Shorter Lead Times
  • Flat line management team
  • No parent company with mixed agendas
  • Belief that your business means a lot; you're not just another account
  • Greater attention to detail
  • Attitude that "bigger is not always better"

ISO 9001:2015 Certified for Aerospace Forgings

At Great Lakes Forge, we can custom forge over 200 different materials based on your project requirements and specifications. All forging meets ISO 9001:2015 certification standards, with precision and expertise melded throughout the entirety of the company. We will work with you to locate a metal that meets or exceeds your aerospace and aircraft specification requirements.

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To learn more about our aerospace and aircraft metal forging options, get in touch with our sales team or give us a call at 800-748-0271, and we will provide the world-class forging assistance you need. Great Lakes Forge is your premier destination for precision quality aluminum and stainless steel forgings for the aerospace industry.