Food Processing Forgings

Roller machine used in food processing

Grinder used in food processing

The food and beverage industry relies on custom-forged components for a wide range of food processing equipment. At Great Lakes Forge, we use our open-die forging capabilities to manufacture custom forgings that provide sanitary, reliable performance for food processing applications. With an extensive inventory of premium materials and in-house CNC machining services, we can create custom-forged components that meet the diverse needs within the food and beverage processing sector.

Custom Forgings for Food Processing Equipment

There are numerous types of food processing equipment. From machines that transform food items from one form to another (ovens, crushers, grinders) to food handling equipment (conveyors, tanks, packaging equipment), the food processing industry relies on custom-made metal components for many critical operations. Using our industry-leading open-die forging method, Great Lakes Forge produces a range of forgings used for food processing equipment, including:

  • Shafts for crushers, grinders, & augers
  • Flanges
  • Gear Rings
  • Mill Rolls
  • Blocks for mixers
  • And more

Materials Used for Food Processing Forgings

In the food production industry, equipment must be durable, sanitary, and corrosion-resistant to reduce the risk of contamination. These requirements make stainless steel one of the most widely used materials for food processing forgings. Stainless steel's unique blend of strength, corrosion resistance, and easy-to-clean surface finish makes it an optimal material for food processing equipment. Stainless steel is available in various high-performance grades, including:

CNC Machining Services for Food Processing Equipment Requiring Tight Tolerances

For food processing equipment that requires complex designs and tighter tolerances, Gl Forge's CNC machining services are the solution. Our CNC milling and turning capabilities allow us to produce custom components with precision. From specialized shafts to custom food augers, Great Lakes Forge's CNC machining services can produce the equipment you need, no matter how complex.

GL Forge is Your Source for Custom Forged Metal for the Food Processing Industry

As a leading manufacturer of open-die forgings and CNC machined components, Great Lakes Forge is trusted by commercial food and beverage customers nationwide for high-performance forgings from premium materials. For more than 60 years, we've worked closely with our customers in the food processing industry and other industrial sectors to ensure the forgings we produce meet and exceed the requirements for each application. With an uncompromising commitment to producing high-quality components, you can count on Great Lakes Forge to provide high-performance components for your food processing applications.

Benefits of Choosing Great Lakes Forge for Your Food Processing Forgings

  • Industry-leading forging and machining techniques for superior quality
  • Personalized customer service that takes the time to understand your unique project requirements
  • The fastest lead times available for quick turnaround on custom orders
  • Convenient delivery options nationwide
  • No parent company with conflicting agendas – we are simply dedicated to producing the best products for you

Contact Us for Custom-Manufactured Food Processing Metal Forgings

Contact Great Lakes Forge to learn how we can manufacture custom forgings for your food processing application. For pricing estimates, request a quote online. From heavy-duty forged components to CNC-machined complex parts, Great Lakes Forge can provide the custom forgings your food processing application requires.