Heat Treating

Piece of metal being heat treated

At Great Lakes Forge, we offer in-house heat-treating services that enhance the performance of open-die forged components. Through heat treatment, forged metal parts can achieve even higher levels of strength, wear resistance, and other beneficial properties. Compatible with a range of materials, heat treating is used in some of the most demanding industrial applications to enhance metal components’ performance.

What Are the Benefits of Heat Treating Forged Components?

Heat treating uses a series of heating and cooling techniques to refine and enhance the internal properties of metal forgings. Through these heating, holding, and quenching cycles, the microstructure of the forged metal component is fundamentally changed, resulting in numerous performance improvements and advantages. Benefits of heat treating forged metal workpieces include:

  • Increased overall strength
  • Enhanced durability for superior longevity
  • Improved wear resistance by increasing hardness
  • Increased ductility for better machining capabilities
  • Reduced risk of fatigue or cracking by relieving internal stresses induced during forging

What Materials Can Be Forged and Heat Treated?

At Great Lakes Forge, our heat treating capabilities are used on a range of ferrous materials. Materials we use in the heat treating forge process include:

Industrial Applications for Heat Treated Forgings

Many industrial sectors benefit from the superior performance of heat treated forged components, particularly industries that require heavy-duty processes. Components like crankshafts, step shafts, blocks, and other custom open-die forged parts all benefit from heat treatment. Industries that utilize the heat treating process for superior parts include:

Why Choose Great Lakes Forge for Forging & Heat Treating Services?

At Great Lakes Forge, we supply customers in a wide range of industrial sectors with custom open-die forgings. We work with over 100 materials, crafting spindlesflatsdiscs, and more. In additon to heat treatment, we offer advanced services like CNC machiningmilling, and turning, meaning we can provide you with the exact custom components required for your application. When you get your custom heat treating forge services from GL Forge, you can count on:

  • Decades of Experience: Our skilled team has extensive experience heat treating custom forgings.
  • In-House Services: The forging and heat treating processes are all done in-house at our Traverse City, MI, location, eliminating the need for multiple vendors.
  • Dedication to Quality: We maintain rigorous quality standards throughout the entire process, from initial forging to final heat treatment.
  • Fast Lead Times: Our streamlined processes ensure you receive your components quickly.

Contact GL Forge to Learn How Heat Treating Can Improve Your Metal Parts

Contact Great Lakes Forge today to discuss how our comprehensive heat treating services can elevate your industrial metal parts. For pricing estimates on your project, request a quote online, and our team will reach out to you. For all your forging and heat treating needs, choose GL Forge.