Open-Die Forging for Nitralloy 135 & 135m

Nitralloy 135 and 135m are steel alloy metals explicitly designed for nitriding metal hardening. Nitralloys display increased surface hardness and excellent corrosion resistance without the threat of distortion, which is often observed with other metal hardening processes.

Great Lakes Forge provides high-quality Nitralloy 135 in various shapes, including rings, shafts, and discs. Whether your Nitralloy 135 project requires a fast turnaround, enhanced flexibility, or keen attention to detail, Great Lakes Forge delivers the finest Nitralloy 135 in the industry that is custom forged to your exact specifications.

For more information regarding premium Nitralloy 135 materials, get in touch with our sales team or give us a call at 800-748-0271, and one of our forging experts will gladly answer your specific questions. Great Lakes Forge is your trusted source for high-quality Nitralloy 135 forged metal.

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Nitralloy 135 & 135m Metal Composition

Nitralloy 135 and 135m specialty steel products are manufactured through nitriding hardening, creating a high surface hardness and strong corrosion resistance. Nitriding temperature occurs between 900-1100ºF (480-595ºC). After forging, the nitralloy is air-cooled to provide the best possible strength and structure.

Moderate hardening austenitizes at 1700-1750ºF (925-955ºC) for ½ hr per inch of cross section and water or oil quench. Water quench is preferred when the cross-section exceeds 1 inch in thickness.

Nitralloy 135 Composition Table

View the Nitralloy 135 element table to analyze the elemental percentages within the material.


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Applications for Open-Die Forged Nitralloy 135 & 135m

At Great Lakes Forge, we open-die forge Nitralloy 135 and Nitralloy 135m based on your project’s exact specifications. With open-die forging capabilities, we can produce Nitralloy 135 and 135m in custom shapes, including blocks, rounds, spindles, and more. While Nitralloy 135 and 135m are similar in composition, they do have unique differences that set them apart for industrial applications.

Nitralloy 135

We produce the finest Nitralloy 135 forged metal products, including crankshafts, aircraft gears, and other industrial applications. Nitralloy is commonly used within the metalworking and aerospace industries for various applications, including:

  • Landing gear components, engine parts, & other high-stress aerospace components
  • Transmission components in automotive applications
  • Drill collars, drill bits, & other oil drilling equipment
  • Medical equipment & devices

Nitralloy 135m

Nitralloy 135m is commonly used to manufacture saltwater-specific shafts, pumps, fasteners, chemical processing equipment, and components regularly encountering food and dairy products. Because Nitralloy 135m contains additional elements like vanadium, nickel, and cobalt, Nitralloy 135m is suitable for more demanding and highly corrosive industrial applications. Nitralloy 135m is commonly used within the following industries:

  • Military & defense equipment
  • Oil & gas processing plants
  • Marine & saltwater equipment
  • Turbine components & other high-stress parts in power generation equipment

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

At Great Lakes Forge, we can custom forge over 200 materials based on your project requirements and specifications. All forging meets ISO 9001:2015 certification standards, with precision and expertise melded throughout the company. We will work with you to locate a metal that meets or exceeds your specification requirements.

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