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CNC Machining

To deliver custom forgings that better match our customers' final design requirements, Great Lakes Forge offers CNC machining services. Our precision, large-format CNC lathe enables us to turn, drill, and bore forgings to customer specifications. By providing precision machining in-house, we reduce the number of vendors you need to work with, and thereby reduce the total time and cost of your project.

Superior Accuracy & Perfect Repeatability

The precision afforded by CNC machining allows us to deliver forgings with extremely tight tolerances that would be impossible to achieve through the forging process alone. CNC programming guarantees perfect repeatability from one piece to the next-if you need two, ten, or a hundred forged parts, each one will match the others exactly.

Great Lakes Forge's CNC system can accommodate round or cylindrical parts up to 18" in diameter. We can turn parts up to 76" long to match the tight tolerances of our customers' designs. We can bore or drill holes up to 18" deep in parts up to 53" in length.

Our CNC software enables us to retain customer design files and specifications for future orders. If you need to reorder a custom forged and machined part or component one, two, or ten years from now, it will be identical to the original part Great Lakes Forge provided.

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Note: Our CNC machining capabilities are currently limited to carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel forgings.

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